Thursday, August 02, 2007

FREE Travel Biz or Member Perks Expires 8/3/07

Hi ALL...Hope you are having a wonderful day!Jamie offered me a fantastic opportunity to get my own free travel business and I'm trying to extend the FREE travel opportunity to my friends. Whether you want to do this for TRAVEL PERKS or as a BUSINESS it's up to you. My intentions are to get you into this business with as little investment as possible, so there's nothing to lose. You may also cancel this at any time...READ ON!!!!I was able to start my TRAVEL BUSINESS for FREE. That means no $200 or $400 investment!!! Most companies cost anywhere from $400 to over $500 just to say I'm in! There are 24 spots here that have to be filled, so we have to move fast...we have to work as a team to get there...or we could lose the FREE opportunity!!!MORE INFORMATION: (This is Jamie's site)(the Free will not be posted on site)

SEE AGENT PERKS!!!Travel Perks: - Familiarization Trips…meaning trips that will allow major discounts to familiarize you with their hotel/resort. This is now part of your business. They want you to use their hotel to book future trips for people you know.* Trips can be anywhere from Free and you pay airfare as an example Bill went on a 4 day 3 night trip to Cancun with his wife for $289 p/ps ALL even air included!-Discounted Members Trips-Making commissions on your own personal travel-Traveling is now a write off, even the leisure and recreation! (ie: GOLF, motor sports etc.)-Create residual income on the monthly website hosting fees per month per person-$49.95 to host a site. Every business or membership has some cost and this is basically it. About $1.64 a day. Less than a cup of coffee and/or change you could probably find around the house.-IN ADDITION you can receive residual income on the $49.95 from sign ups anywhere from $5 to $15 per person per month!!! That alone could cover and then some your cost of the website.-Sponsoring Bonuses (which while program is free these aren’t available, because obviously no one is paying money)- $50 to $180 per person.-Commissions on travel booked from your website & the potential to book outside your website!!!EXAMPLE COMMISSION: someone books a $2000 trip to Cancun and the TraVerus’ commission is 8% - 18% (depends on vendor). We get 70% of that percentage. So if it’s 18% of $2000 is $360, so we’ll receive $252! That commission right there pays for your hosting fee for 5 months!7 Trillion dollar industryNo products to sellNo minimum orders to maintainAnd tons of travel!This company is new in the networking industry, but has been around for 4 1/2 years. They are already international!!! The first 5000 members will be FOUNDING MEMBERS!!! Get in NOW!REMEMBER THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE. I have to know by Friday Aug. 3!!!This is a commitment that I have made and I have to have a committed answer by Friday, otherwise I will not be able to honor the FREE. Again, there are 24 positions that need to be filled and if we can't do that...we may lose our FREE opportunity!When I say commitment I don't mean you have to do this as a business. You may just want the TRAVEL PERKS! That's o.k. too! The only thing this will cost you is $49.95. Cancel anytime! Or build a BUSINESS and enjoy even more perks....MONEY!!! It's up to you, NO pressure!!!So lets talk soon, OK!

Also if you know someone you can get them in for FREE too. Lets build this together!!!DON'T sign up on the web in order to get the FREE we have to do this in a very specific way!One last note...the first 5000 members will be considered founding members, don't YOU want to be the first one in!!! I DID IT!!!

Can't wait to hear from you. If you'd rather email me direct my email is: denashops@yahoo.comOr call: 386-898-1736Looking forward to hearing from you!Dena S.

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