Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guess what I just did...

I just created an Italian Charm Mystery Auction.

This is meant to be FUN and I hope you will enjoy the great selection!!

ALL contents are "GIFTS" from me.

I have over 3000+ different charms to choose your gifts from!!! I'm liquidating my inventory!!! I will try to make sure that you get NO REPEATS and will try to pick out the most popular charms!!! This is an excellent deal for you!!
Your 1st gifts will be:
1 starter bracelet---could be matte, shiny, gold trim, dolphin, cross, heart, paw prints, diamond cut...............IT MAY BE A SURPRISE!!!!
2 enamel premium charms
1 photo charms
1 red hearts charm or colored charm
4 laser charms or color laser charm
HERE'S the FUN part.......for every bid increase I will be throwing in more charms!!!!! That's right!!!!
MORE CHARMS AND ACCESSORIES ADDED FOR EVERY BID INCREASE!!!!!! At least 2 or MORE (up to 6 per $1 depending on which ones I select) charms for every $1 increase.....unless I choose to put in a watch or another starter into the mix!!!
YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS AUCTION!!! You will get more than your money's worth!! I promise you that!
HERE IS WHAT MAY BE ADDED: enamel charms, photo charms, laser charms, mood charms, starter bracelets, mesh starter bracelets, watches (lots of different colors in round, square, and rectangle), mega charms, super link charms, dangles, etc.

*Auction winner must complete sale (pay and leave feedback) in order for everyone else to win!!!*
1st person to bid will receive 1 premium enamel charm!
1st to bid $5.00 will receive 1 laser charms and 1 enamel charm!!
1st to bid $10.00 will receive 3 charms!!!(2 enamel & 1 laser)
1st to bid $15.00 will receive 5 charms!!!(2 enamel, 2 laser, & 1 mood)
1st to bid $20.00 will receive 3 enamel's & 1 mood & 1 mega charm!!!!
1st to bid $25.00 will receive a starter bracelet!
1st to bid $30.00 will receive a charm watch!!
REMEMBER everytime someone bids, I'm throwing in tons of charms, etc into this auction!!! All you have to do is send me your info if you are one of the bidders that bid the amounts listed above. All Free items will be sent out after feedback is received from auction winner, so make sure that you contact me with your info!!!!
Please contact me with any questions!!

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